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About us


Founded in 2021, our team consists of over 25 years experience in both the European OEM and performance aftermarket parts industry.

Our Vision:

Friction Evolution strives to be the innovative designer of exceptional quality brake discs proudly made in the USA.

Commitment to Excellence:

Our commitment to quality is demonstrated by the craftsmanship found in our brake discs using exclusively USA sourced raw material. Our discs are machined to be tighter than OEM tolerances to ensure trueness. Our discs are cast in low production on well-maintained tooling to ensure a properly balanced disc from the start. To maintain a competitive edge, we exclusively work with only USA foundries, machine shops, plating & powder coating, and zinc coating facilities. Final inspection and assembly are done at our facility in Southern California to ensure it meets our standard of excellence.  We only select brands and produce products that we would use on our vehicles.  While many performance brake disc brands and/or companies focus on profit margins, we focus specifically on performance along with unparalleled quality.